Thursday, December 15, 2011

Swaddlebees Christmas Sale

Swaddlebees are currently running a 8 Crazy Nights of Christmas Promotion until midnight tonight where over the last few days a different offer has been revealed each evening. You could then buy the items you wanted on that night or wait until you had all the codes plus offers information and then order today.

Kitty and myself really like this promotion as we are a big fan of Swaddlebees cloth diapers. They are a well made product, that feels good and fits well. It doesn't hold stains, looks really nice and is available in a range of prints.

The details and codes for the offer can be found below...

  • Dec. 8th, Night 1 : FREE shipping for orders $100 and over with coupon code 8day1 for US addresses. International customers must use coupon code 8day12 to get free shipping. Not valid in conjuction with Grab Bags.
  • Dec. 9th, Night 2: 15% off on One Size Simplex diapers with coupon code 8day2. 15% off One Size Simplex diapers + FREE shipping for orders over $100 with coupon code 8day22.
  • Dec. 10th, Night 3: Pink on Chocolate or Blue on Chocolate Pail Liners for only $12. No coupon code required.
  • Dec. 11th, Night 4: SOLD OUT.
  • Dec 12th, Night 5: FREE Teal or Raspberry Soaker Hugger with the purchase of a weehugger cover. No coupon code required. Just specify in the message box during checkout which color you want.
  • Dec. 13th, Night 6: Mint Chocolate Econappi Grab Bags for $36. Package includes 3 Econappi diapers and a zippered wet bag. Inserts not included.
  • Dec 14th, Night 7: Special Edition Blueberry One Size Deluxe Grab Bags for $30. Package includes 3 pocket diapers and a zippered wet bag. Inserts not included.
  • Dec 15th, Night 8: 30% off weehuggers covers, Coveralls, trainers, solid colored diaper pail liners, wet bags, changing pads, mattress pads and the Pink Daisy line with coupon code 8day8.
 The sale ends at midnight tonight so make sure you grab a code to save yourself some lucky bucks and feel free to let me know what items you managed to get.

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