Saturday, December 3, 2011

Reusable lunch/snack bags Half off

I just found the most adorable reusable lunch and snack bags. I have been looking for a great deal like this. I know it's going to take some time to earn back the value of these bags financially, but eco minded, they earn their value right away. Right now, you can get a deal to Earth Swag for 2 snack bags and a lunch wrap for $14, a value of $28. They are also including FREE shipping.

These bags can be used to hold all sorts of items, not just food. Just some random ideas:
  • Make your own travel tissue pack
  • Hold receipts
  • Snacks for your little ones
  • Chapstick holder
  • Coin purse
Those are just a few uses I can think of, what can you think of? You know you want to buy some reusable bags. They are just too cute and too eco friendly to pass up. Here's how to get your adorable, eco friendly bags...

  • Start by going to Mamapedia
  • Find the Earth Swag deal, add to cart
  • Go to Earth Swag and add either the Bug or Flower design
  • Add code from you Mamapedia deal and check out
Want to get your deal for free? Share via email, facebook or twitter and when 3 people buy through your link, yours is free!

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