Thursday, December 8, 2011

FREE $10 Target Gift Card with $50 Purchase-It's back!

It's back! Spend $50 at Target and get a FREE $10 gift card. There are awesome deals out there you can combine this with and really s.t.r.e.t.c.h the $50 you have to spend, on stuff you were going to buy anyways! 

Here are some awesome ways to make your money work...
  • Always ask yourself, how am I going to pay for this? Cash, credit or COUPON?
  • Shop through Ebates and get 3% cash back. New to Ebates? No problem, Sign up, make a purchase and get a $10 FREE Target Gift Card
  • Free Shipping on orders over $50, or if you use your Target Redcard
  • Use your Target Redcard for 5% off your total
  • Print Target Coupons to use in store. Remember to match them with Manufactures coupons to make a sweet deal
  • Each reusable bag you use will get you 5 cents off your total
  • Check HERE for potential online discounts
Just want the link for the FREE $10 Gift Card? Here you go- FREE Giftcard


  1. I've never used the Target website before, do you know if you can print off more than one coupon? I saw that they have a coupon for a dollar off their brand diapers, with the 10 dollar gift card coupon I can potentially buy them for 10 cents each.

  2. I've had luck in the past printing more than one coupon but sometimes there is a limit.

    If you get more than one to print, my suggestion is to check with two cashiers at the store to see if it is possible to use more than one per transaction. You may have to use a different cashier each time to make your purchases.

    Good luck! That sounds like a great deal on diapers.