Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Amber Necklace 25% off-For Lucky Duck Fans only!

I have bragged before about how pleased I am with the Amber necklace that I got Kitty from Inspired By Finn. I was super skeptical at first, but decided that I would give it a try. It is THE item for Kitty. I can't recommend these items enough. I wrote Inspired By Finn to let them know not only how well their amber necklace worked for him, but how I have bought some items for myself to help with me own pain from a torn ACL/PCL and meniscus in my knee and from breaking my ankle.
Sleeping away in his Jumperoo, wearing a Baltic Amber necklace

Recently I wore one to help with some headache pain. Inspired By Finn is offering 25% off for my loyal fans. If you haven't gotten one yet for your little one or yourself, you should now! These also make great gifts for new mama's. I wish I would have gotten one sooner when Kitty first started teething. He's now got 6 teeth, and the necklace made ALL the difference in this latest round of teething-I didn't need to use teething tablets or Tylenol for him.

Want to know how Baltic Amber works? Read about it HERE.

So you've heard me brag enough and now you want to get yours....here's how.
  • Find item(s), place in cart
  • Check out and use code NA25 for 25% off your order

Enjoy feeling pain free naturally!

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