Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Kitty...and a GIVEAWAY

My tiny little baby turned O.N.E. yesterday. He told me that Lucky Duck has done so well that he would like to sponsor a giveaway for my his fans. But first, he wanted you to see how adorable he looks smashing his cake and feeding his pug friends, Zoey and Potato.
Getting into the cake...didn't need to give him any directions, he knew just what to do!
Kitty invited a few friends to join the party
How to end a fun party? Sit on your cake. Here he was taking aim to sit on said cake.
So in honour of my fabulous little boy, here is a give away. Head on over, spread the word yada-yada. But seriously, thanks for the support, suggestions and savvy ideas. I hope to bring more giveaways, product reviews and most of all, I look forward to helping you save a few lucky duck bucks!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Diaper Bag and Cloth Diaper Giveaway from Max and Meena!

Holy happy pile of fluffy love! 

My friend Jamie of Max and Meena is going to be giving away, as in for FREE,  one of her fabulous hand made diaper bags as well as a cloth diaper! Here's the rules:
Who wants to help me get to 500 fans by the end of the week? I will give away one of the diaper bags that I have listed in the shop to one lucky fan... ONLY if we get to 500 buy 11:59pm on Saturday March 10th. I will give away a cloth diaper for every 50 new fan likes as well!
Sounds like a pretty awesome deal to me. Help spread the word and we can help Max and Meena get more customers and you get a chance at one of her fabulous diaper bags or cloth diapers. Here are a few of the beautiful items Max and Meena makes. You will want to head on over and buy some adorable jackets, diapers or taggie blankets. Want something custom? Email Jamie at maxandmeena@gmail dot com. 
One of the funky and bold diapers Max and Meena makes...I want them all!
Just one of the adorable diaper bags
Inside of the diaper bag with functional pockets
How cute is this? A reversible jacket, winter weight
 *Disclaimer...because boring stuff like this, we have to do. This contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook. Jamie just wants some more likes and to promote her business. I am not being compensated for my opinion, I'm just helping a friend out.
Remember to head over and click 'like'. This giveaway only happens IF Max and Meena reaches 500 by Saturday March 10th, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

FREE Sample of Emergen-C

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! School has been busy and the deals have been slow. But alas, I have found something I think you'll like!

Head on over to Facebook and 'like' Emergen-C to get a FREE sample. This is good stuff. It helped me through one very rough semester of nursing school. Stress doesn't help things get better, but Emergen-C sure can help.

It's made with Vitamin C, 24 nutrients, 7 B vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes. Not sure if you'll like it?  A FREE sample is the way to try it without spending any money.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Win $1,000 to Amazon from Amazon Mom

Got 4 seconds? It's super easy to enter this contest. Just type your name,email and phone number on Amazon Mom's Facebook page for a chance to win $1,000. Sounds pretty simple! Hope you win!