Tuesday, December 20, 2011

$5 Clearance Bumkins Diapers!

Another great company I recommend for cloth diapering is Bumkins. I have 5 of their clearance diapers for Kitty. I have 3 covers that I use for longer car trips, or for nap time. I stuff them with a regular liner and a hemp liner and they work like magic for his 3 hour naps. I use the stuff it diapers for everyday use. They hold up well to all the crawling and fast action of Kitty. Right now, Bumkins still has quite the selection of clearance diapers. I am quite pleased with the ones I have. The only thing I've noticed on my clearance diapers, is that the Velcro tabs are cut and sewn a bit mismatched, but it doesn't affect the performance of the diaper. The description warns they may look like this, but I think they over warn in the description. In my diapers I got, you wouldn't notice anything unless you were being very picky. After all, look how cute Kitty is in his Bumkin diaper!

You can get 5 of the Clearance "Stuff it" Diapers for $49, including shipping. Registered customers can use the code "register" for 10% off and a discount to $5 shipping...it pays to register!

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