Monday, November 28, 2011

$15 for $30 to Snapfish

This is a great deal to buy and stash away...because next time they are having a great sale, you know I'll blog about it and help you get a deal for near nothing.  Right now, you can get $30 worth of credit to snapfish for only $15! I'm going to hurry over and grab mine before they are gone!
 Want to get this deal? Here's how:
  • Start with Livingsocial and snag the snapfish deal
  • Either hold on to the savings or use right away.
  • If you'd like to get 20% cash back, shop through Ebates 
Enjoy those precious photos made into beautiful calendars, photo albums, coffee mugs, etc! I have several books of Kitty and am SO pleased with them!

$10 for $20 of Skype Credit

What a fantastic deal has just come along for those who use Skype. Right now, you can get $20 in Skype credit for only $10. Staying connected with your loved ones has never been easier, and now,  more affordable. I just read an article in the Star Tribune Newspaper that states 3 Million Americans are in a long distance relationship. They are crediting technology such as Skype and text messaging for making long distance relationships work.

Want to save some money on Skype? Here's how:
  • Start with Livingsocial
  • Select the Skype deal
  • Share the deal on your facebook or other social media outlet and if 3 people buy through your link, your deal is FREE

Amber Necklace-Take away pain naturally

The BEST product I have found since having Kitty has to be hands down, Inspired By Finn's Amber Necklace. I got one for Kitty when he was about 5 months old and starting to get some teeth. I had heard about them from a few friends but was skeptical about spending the money on something I didn't know would work or not. The necklace really works. Kitty now has 6 teeth, and I have yet to use any over the counter pain relievers for him. I wanted to make sure these Amber necklaces really worked, so I tried it on myself. I have chronic pain from a motorcycle accident-years ago, pre-Kitty. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works, even on my chronic pain.
Kitty all passed out in his Jumperoo..wearing a Baltic Amber Necklace

Right now, Inspired By Finn is having a HUGE sale on their items. 40% off! I would stock up for yourself and for baby shower presents. They work for all sorts of pain-headaches, backaches, knee pain, teething pain...and so much more! I wear 3 on my right leg/ankle in the spots that hurt the worst from my motorcycle accident. Kitty wears one through out the day, and at night, I wrap it around his ankle, put a sock over it and then put it in his footie jammies.

How does Baltic Amber work?  "Historically, Baltic Amber has been used in Europe as a natural and traditional remedy and curative for many ailments for centuries. Long ago it was considered one of the leading medicines of its time. Baltic Amber is the most esteemed amber in the world, and the healing qualities of Baltic Amber make it unlike any other type of amber found in the world.

When baltic amber is worn on the skin, the skin's warmth releases trace amounts of healing oils from the amber. These oils contain succinic acid and are absorbed into the skin.

Baltic Amber has some of the highest concentrations of Succinic Acid found in nature, and this is what makes it so special. Succinic Acid is a natural component of plant and animal tissues, and it's presence in the human body is beneficial in many ways."

Don't just take my word for it. I have many friends who use Baltic Amber for not only themselves but their little ones as well. A great time to buy some is right now, when they are 40% off. Start by visiting Inspired By Finn. You must act fast, as this deal is only valid til Nov 29th, 2011. Enter code HAPPYHOLIDAYS for your 40% off. If you read this after Nov. 29th, 2011, enter the code SHARE for 15% off. Love Amber? Stock up and save them for headaches, knee pain, backaches, etc. Just put with your other medicines. I tape mine in place with athletic tape, for areas that are hard to wear, like my knee.

Please in the comment section let them know that you heard about them from LuckyDuck. Thanks!

Many thanks for supporting my Mama's Blog. Love, Kitty.

Swaddlebees and BlueBerry Diapers on Clearance

I love cloth diapers...for many reasons, but specifically because they are so flipping cute! I love all the cute prints and colours of diapers I have for Kitty. One of my favourite companies, Swaddlebees and Blueberrys has their diapers on Clearance. You will want to scoot over there quickly as these get snapped up fast. I can't rave enough about how well made these diapers how, how well they fit and how adorable they are!

Kitty eating some leaves, but looking ADORABLE in his Owl Print Blueberry diaper

Normally the diapers are between $19-$29 each. Through the clearance section, I was able to get them for around $11-$12. Considering these will last through Kitty's diaper days (and any other future Kitties I may have), the investment is well worth it. As always, any questions, please let me know. If you buy diapers, let me know, I'm curious!

Mega savings at Burt's Bees on Shea Butter-FREE gift with purchase

Ahhh, it's winter time here...and with it comes the dry skin. Poor little Kitty has been having the pinkest cheeks, as they are getting wind blown and chapped. I've been using Burt's Bees Shea Butter on it, and they are back to adorable, squeezable and perfect! I can't get enough of this stuff! So imagine my squeals of joy as I realized it's on sale NOW at Burt's Bees. It is normally $10, but on sale for only $5. I found some awesome promo codes to save even more.
Their grab bags are still available. I just got mine the other day and can't wait to use my products! You get $50 worth of stuff for $25. Whatever I don't use, I trade with friends or give away as gifts...So go shopping and get yourself some great goodies!

Kitty...look at those nice, un-chapped cheeks.

Awesome deals available
  • FREE shipping on orders over $40. No code needed, will automatically apply at checkout
  • FREE Shea sugar scrub with any order over $40. No code needed, will automatically apply at checkout.
  • Use code FALL11 for $5 off your order
  • Use code EMPFAMILY11 for 20% off your total purchase.
I'm sooooo tempted to buy a gift bag and  6 Shea Butters...I'd get the Free Shea Butter Scrub too (a $13 Value) and Free Shipping...that would be a total of $41 for $123 worth of product. That's paying about 35% of retail. Sounds like a great score! What great deals are you going to scoop up?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Save Green by buying Green on Cyber Monday

Yes, I have been sucked into buying things through Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. It's hard to say no when it's at such a good price. I'm trying not to buy anything we won't need and instead stock up on essentials like shampoo, body wash, know, things I can't make at home. I just saw this offer come along...

On Cyber Monday, several Green companies, such as Eco-Kids, Earth Mama Angel Baby and Go Green Diapers are offering discounts on their awesome products. Kitty is a big fan on the Earth Mama Angel Baby diaper/first aid salve. I've used it on cuts and bruises and it works. It smells nice too. The salve, along with other Earth Mama Angel Baby products are 30% off on Cyber Monday, November 28th, 2011. This is a good deal, as natural and organic products are hard to find on sale. Stock up!

What natural/organic/green products do you love?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

NEW, UPDATED! $15 for $70 at Ecomom

I know some of my devoted fans were disappointed that this deal wasn't working yesterday...well, good news for you. I did some digging and found a way to get it for you!
If you need any help in being thrifty, like shopping at Ecomom and are looking for ways to get the most from your money then I have a really good deal for you. Would you like $70 dollars in products from for $15? This deal is too sweet to pass up...
PS. My fans, follow my links to score the best deals *cough Jamie cough* :) I do all the work for you, just click and you're there! I know you want this deal...Here how to get yours:
  • Sign in to Plum District or if you don't already have an account sign up for one through Plum District. *If you don't use your account for 7 days, they offer a 20% discount automatically on your next purchase.
  • Add the $25 for $50 worth of products at Ecomom voucher to your cart.
  • Use the code Saturday40 for an extra 40% off. (Valid on November 26th only)
  • Go to Start shopping...Ecomom is also offering an additional $20 off of $50, which ends Nov 30th, 2011
  • Add $70 worth of items to your cart at Ecomom. No coupon needed, discount is applied automatically...this will bring the total automatically down to $50, apply your voucher code from Plum District and you're done!
  • Shipping is FREE on orders over $50.
If you played all this right, you should get $70 worth of items, plus FREE shipping for $15. Enjoy this thrifty deal-it's a great one!

$10 for $20 to Old Navy

Looking for a good deal at Old Navy? Right now you can get $20 to Old Navy for only $10! My favourite way to spend vouchers like this is on sale or clearance items. Last time I did this deal, I got 3 pairs of yoga pants for $10. Yoga pants are what I like to call my "mamaform"-my Mama uniform. With a spitty Kitty like mine-who is admittedly less spitty, but still a messy mess of a baby...I can't justify jeans. Yoga pants just work so much better. :) Old Navy has a wide selection of clothing and accessories for everyone in the family...and their yoga pant selection can't be beat.

Want to get $20 worth of stuff for only $10? Here's How:
* You may even be able to get this deal for free* 
  • Start with Groupon
  • Go to "All Deals" and look for the Grouponicus deals
  • Select the Old Navy deal
  • Go Shopping!
  • *Share this deal with your friends and if 3 people buy through your link, you get yours for FREE*
I hope you find something for your "mamaform" or select a great gift for yourself (non mamaform) or a gift for a loved one. Enjoy shopping!

Friday, November 25, 2011

$15 for $70 worth of items at Ecomom

I hope you all had a brilliant Thanksgiving yesterday and are enjoying time today by spending it with loved ones or hunting around for amazing Black Friday savings. If you need any help in being thrifty, like shopping at Ecomom and are looking for ways to get the most from your money then I have a really good deal for you. Would you like $70 dollars in products from for $15? This deal is too sweet to pass up...

I know you want this deal...Here how to get yours:
  • Sign in to Plum District or if you don't already have an account sign up for one through Plum District. *If you don't use your account for 7 days, they offer a 20% discount automatically on your next purchase.
  • Add the $25 for $50 worth of products at Ecomom voucher to your cart.
  • Use the code ENJOY10 for an extra $10 off. (Valid on November 25th only)
  • Go to Start shopping...Ecomom is also offering an additional $20 off of $50, which ends Nov 28th, 2011
  • Add $70 worth of items to your cart at Ecomom. No coupon needed, discount is applied automatically...this will bring the total automatically down to $50, apply your voucher code from Plum District and you're done!
  • Shipping is FREE on orders over $50.
If you played all this right, you should get $70 worth of items, plus FREE shipping for $15. Enjoy this thrifty deal-it's a great one!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Save 40% on American Eagle plus cash back! Ends Nov 26th, 2011

The deals just keep on rolling in! This deal is all about saving some serious money at American Eagle. Right now you can get 40% off, plus 2.5% cash back when you shop through Ebates. You can also get FREE Shipping! HURRY, this deal ends Nov. 26th, 2011

Sound like a great deal? Here's how to get it:
  • Start with Ebates. Log in, or new members get a free gift card
  • Type "American Eagle" into the search bar 
  • A new window will open, start shopping
  • At check out, enter code 7242922831 to save 40%
Enjoy your savings. 

Need a doula? Buy 4 hours get 4 hours FREE ends Nov 27th, 2011

Being pregnant is a lot of work. Like, We expecting mama's sometimes need help. We need a massage, the laundry done, someone to rub our feet when we can no longer see them. We need someone to reassure us about fears like, "Is my baby nursing enough" or "He's been sleeping for 3 hours, he never sleeps for 3 hours at a time, is that normal?" My warm, loving and compassionate friend Christa Johnson is an ante and post partum Doula located in the metro area of Minnesota. She is offering a deal on her services, Buy 4 hours, get 4 hours free, through Nov 27th, 2011.

This is such a wonderful gift to be given. I wish I would have had doula care after the birth of my son. Family and friends are nice and wonderful, but sometimes, you just need someone to care for you apart from family and friends who can be, well, a little overwhelming. Christa is a bubbly, tender, affectionate person who lights up the room when she enters. She is an amazing mother herself, she has two beautiful little girls, both born early, both spending time in the NICU. She is passionate about many things, but especially about breast feeding...don't worry, if you don't breast feed, no judgment! She runs a successful blog with two of her friends, The Good Letdown and has most recently been accepted to train as a breast feeding counselor through Breastfeeding USA.

Just some of the services that Christa offers as a ante or post partum Doula are:
  • Bed rest assistance
  • Sibling Care
  • Errands
  • Home care/Meal prep
  • Emotional Support and Education
I can't brag enough about Christa and this invaluable service of being a Doula. It is the best gift to get yourself or your loved one. Especially at these yours today! Contact Christa to schedule.

Home made baby wipes for pennies!

Kitty's favourite thing to do in the morning is wait til I change his diaper, happily play around, kiss me, scream joyfully at the pugs...and then take an epic poo. Never in the dirty diaper, no, always in the new, clean diaper. Wipes can be expensive, even for a thrifty mama like myself. Especially if you have a poo monster like I do. Babies have super sensitive skin as well, and let's face it, some of the baby products out there are super harsh to their delicate backsides.

Awwww, Kitty and his Mama...

The other day, out of sheer accident, I happily discovered that disposable wipes, well, they can be washed. Usually when I do laundry, I open the washer with one eye open, squinting, hoping the laundry fairy came and magically did my wash, or at the very minimum, left me some money for my being such a domestic goddess. Instead, I found...some baby wipes. I muttered some profanities (Kitty was sleeping, so thankfully he didn't learn any dirty sailor words that day), but to my surprise, the wipes hadn't degenerate into a million pieces like tissue or paper, but rather, they stayed intact. I spent the rest of the day pondering over my happy discovery. So if I throw the used wipes in the washer, they come out ready to be used again? Awesome. So far here's what I thought they could be used for:
  • Tissue to blow one's nose or wipe snotty child's nose
  • Tool to clean up naughty pug mess left in corner (we were just outside!)
  • Eye glasses cleaning wipe (since *someone* can't leave my glasses alone)
  • A new wipe for Kitty...
Used, washed wipes, compliments of the laundry fairy

So that inspired me to figure out how to make my own diaper wipe spray. Water will work, but I wanted something that I could bring with in the diaper bag, and something with a little smell to it. So for mere pennies, I created this recipe.

All the supplies you will need to make your own wipe solution

  • 2 cups water
  • 2 Tablespoons Baby Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Baby Shampoo or Body Wash
  • 10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil*
*The Lavender isn't needed but smells great, it calming and is a natural way to help kill any bacteria

What it looks like all mixed together. Not the most inspiring colour, but it smells WONDERFUL!

 I use Burt's Bees, but you can use whatever you've got or prefer. I know this stuff works well with Kitty's super sensitive skin, so it should be just fine for his picky behind. All you need is either a wipe tub that is empty to put this in, or a spray bottle which you can get at any retailer like Walgreens, Walmart, Target or the Dollar Tree.

If you don't believe in the laundry fairy, or just don't want to use disposable wipes, I recommend cloth wipes. I have been using wipes from Trade from Scratch. She has some of the BEST prices, as well as a fantastic quality of craft-woman-ship. She is also offering a special discount for you lovely fans! Enter the code LuckyDuck at checkout for 10% off your order.

Wipes from Trade from Scratch-How cute are these? You know you want to buy some!

*As a disclaimer-I'm not a washing machine guru. I can't *tell* you to wash your disposiable wipes. If you do so, do at your own risk. Just as with the baby spray, albiet more natural or homemade, doesn't mean baby (or anyone) should ingest it. Just basic common sense I feel compelled to say. Like the cofee cup labeled, contents *may* be hot. All it takes is one person to complain that I ruined their washing machine...But I know you Lucky Duck fans are smart cookies and know all the stuff I just blabbed on and on about.*

How every which way you look at it, sometimes the most random things turn out to be fantastic surprises. What re-purposing ideas do you have? Pin It

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Swagbucks-Free digital dollars

One of my favourite, lazy ways to make "money" is through Swagbucks. It's like Google or Yahoo. You just use it as a search engine and randomly, it will generate "digital dollars" for using the search feature. There are also daily polls and surveys you can complete for more Swagbucks. You can redeem your swagbucks for things like Target, Barnes and Noble and Amazon gift cards. I earn enough every month for a $5 gift card, just by searching for a few minutes each day on Swagbucks. It's small little things like this that add up and help stretch a very small, tight budget even farther. Or if you've got plenty of money but just like being frugal, it's a great way to earn money without working hard for it.

You know you're going to use a search engine...Instead of "Googling it", just "SWAG it" instead! You can get started with your very own swag account by clicking on any of the hyper links in this blog. Check out the prizes under the "Rewards" tab on Swagbucks and start scheming on how you're going to earn your next reward.

2 Bath & Body Works items for less than $7!

With the winter winds and dry air approaching, this deal couldn't have come at a better time! For a limited period, Bath & Body Works has a sweet offer on their products. Select scents are on sale for BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free).

With a special promo code, you get BOTH items for FREE, just pay shipping. It will bring your total to $6.40 for 2 items (Shipping may vary depending on where you live). Buy through Ebates and get 3% cash back! Or perhaps you need to buy more or want free shipping-I have a code for you as well.
*Only one code will work per transaction, so use wisely to maximize savings.

Want yours? Here's how:
  • Start with Ebates. Log in or create a new account-new members get a free gift card
  • Type in "Bath and Body Works" into the search bar
  • A new window will open, start shopping
  • At checkout, enter code F115065, which should bring the total down to just shipping
Enjoy smelling nice, being thrifty and overall, the satisfaction of another great deal scored!

Have a larger order you need to make? Or want Free Shipping?
  • Enter code 20HOLIDAY11 for 20% off your entire purchase.
  • Enter code FREE25 for free shipping on orders over $25

Monday, November 21, 2011

$51 for 7 cloth diapers-FREE shipping

New to cloth diaper or just love covers? I have found a great deal for you. I checked with some of my cover cloth diapering friends-I tend to use pocket cloth diapers for Kitty...anywho, these Econobum diapers are supposed to be good. :) They are on sale BOGOF. Further more, through this particular website, orders over $35 come with a FREE diaper. I added some doublers to the list, bringing the total to $51 for $90ish or so worth of products. I can't say the exact value, because the website chooses the FREE diaper for you. You don't have to get the doublers, you can get anything in value around $12+ to make your order over the $49 to get free shipping.

Sound like something you'd like to buy? Here's how.

  • Go to.kellyscloset
  • Add 4 econobums to your cart Econobum
  • Add a pack of prefolds or doublers to your cart Doublers
  • At check out, make sure it's over $49 for FREE shipping
  • At check out, add code HARVEST for a FREE diaper 

Don't know anything about cloth diapers? It's okay. See my posting about cloth diapers here: How to cloth diaper

$15 for 30 custom Holiday Cards with Return Address Labels

Another great deal on Holiday cards. For $15 dollars, you can get 30 custom Holiday cards with 140 return address labels from Vistaprint, this includes FREE shipping! This is a great deal, as this would usually cost $78 for this package. The deal expires on Groupon on Nov. 25th, 2011, but the voucher is good for Vistaprint til Feb. 29th, 2012.

Need more cards? For $25 you can get 50 cards and 140 return address labels.

Want to get this deal? Here's how:
  • Start by going to Groupon
  • Go to "All Deals" on top of page
  • Scroll to bottom to "Grouponicus Deals"
  • Click "see more"
  • There you will find the vistaprint deal. Click on it and it's yours!
Frugal tip-If you promote it on facebook, twitter or email and through your link someone signs up, you'll get a $10 credit to Groupon!

How to cloth diaper-without breaking the bank

When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time researching. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. The decision I came to was that cloth diapering was what was best for my child, as well as my budget. Since my budget is really just a laughable figure that I somehow, amazingly, support myself and Kitty on each month, even if I wanted to do disposable, I just wouldn't be able to afford it. So like most things in my life, I had to get creative on how I would be able to provide such necessities for Kitty and myself. I have had several friends ask lately about cloth diapering, so I am going to provide a blog about how to Cloth Diaper, without breaking the bank.

Kitty and his best friend Zoey. He's looking dapper in an owl print Blueberry diaper.

You can be as crunchy/hippie/tree hugging as you like. No judgment here. I have many friends who cloth diaper-all to varying levels. Some I call the purists. They ONLY use cloth. Cloth diapers, wipes, etc. You won't catch them using "Sposies". There are others, I call hybrids. They use cloth while at home, but use disposables at daycare, grandmas, on the road, etc. They usually use disposable wipes as well. If they are rich, they pay a diapering service to come and wash their cloth diapers. But most of my friends aren't rich, but they do run more of the hybrid line of cloth diapering-using cloth mostly, but not entirely. Then there are the curious ones. They watch like those gawking at a car accident when they see a cloth diaper. They have tons of questions and always look baffled. I happily explain how cloth works and I usually get the "Well, that's nice but it's too expensive". I would love to explain to you how that's not true-Cloth is FAR cheaper than disposables, even with the water and electricity costs to wash and dry them.

Kitty and his new cow print diaper. It's hard to get him to hold still. Like the necklace? It takes away teething pain. Ask me about it!

My friend Jessica is what inspired this journey with her recent comment to me...
"Ok, another question! I was reading your blog and I am interested in cloth diapers (my husband is VERY hesitant).Right now we use Pampers Swaddlers and I really like them because this yellow line turns blue even if it is the tiniest bit wet. I always change him when it is blue even if he feels dry (because who wants to sit in even a tiny bit of urine?) but we have been flying through diapers! Especially since he started baby food and is pooping 2-4 times a day, we have been going through a big box a week to a week and a half (which is over 100 diapers so about $30 a week)."
Wowza! Who would want to spend $30 a week on just one baby? For less than $200, I have all the cloth diapers I will need to last til Kitty is potty trained...So let's begin our cloth journey.
Kitty shows off how to use a Fuzzibunz as a swim diaper...just pull out the insert, make snug and VOILA! Swim diaper!

How many do you need?
  • I have about 15 or so. I wash diapers every 2 days. You really wouldn't want to leave them longer than that, they will get stinky.
How do you wash them?
  • When a baby is small, just simply wash. Once they start eating solids and the poo changes consistency, you will either need to dump it in the toilet or use a sprayer to get the solids off. I'm lazy, so I just shake what I can into the toilet and call it good.
  • When I wash (and everyone who washes cloth will do it different-so this is by no means the only way to do it) First, soak the diapers in cold water (in a basin or washing machine). I use 1 tablespoon Charlie's Soap, 1/4c. Oxiclean and 1/4c. baking soda, with a Hot Wash, Cold Rinse Cycle. I follow with an additional rinse. 
  • You can line dry or put them in the dryer. They dry quickly, especially if you just have covers.
  • Other awesome detergents are Rocking Green or Planet...know of any others? Let me know, I'll add them!
What do you use for wipes?
  • Depends on your preference. I use both cloth and disposable. I don't like cloth for big poo messes. Some of my purists friends use cloth for everything. I use Seventh Generation and wash them when I'm done. They turn out great to use one more time as a wipe (just re wet) or as a Kleenex! If it's a hot mess in Kitty's diaper, I just toss those wipes.
I recommend this shop for adorable wipes like these Trade from Scratch

Do I have to use just cloth?
  • Nope! I use disposables at night time, because I want his bottom to be a bit dryer during the night, since he sleeps about 6 hours in a stretch. But 2 disposables a day vs. 7-10, is much cheaper!
  • With cloth diapers, during the day, you will need to change them more often than a disposable. Depending on how much your child wets will necessitate how often they get changed. I change Kitty about every 1.5 hours.
Can I still use diaper cream?
  • Yes you can, but you need to put a barrier between the diaper and the cream. I just use a small cloth, or wipe in between the tushy and the diaper.
  • If you get any diaper cream on it, don't freak out, you can get it out by following these instructions, Diaper cream and Cloth
What kind do I get?
What is the difference between a Cover and an AIO (All in One)
  • A cover is simply that, it covers. You need to put a liner in it. It works great for nap time or overnight, when you need to put extra liners.You can get liners here Liners
Blueberry Diaper Cover, outside. Snap rise, Velcro tab

Inside of Cover. I put a duel liner with a hemp liner for nap time. Looks a bit like a cod piece when done, but it totally works.
  •  Prefolds can also work in covers. You can fold them around baby, or just fold in three and line the diaper cover. Prefolds This way, you only need to let the cover dry between pee diapers and only wash with poo diapers.
  • Think you may want to try a cover to see if you're cloth ready? These look promising and thrifty. Econobum  Buy One get One Free
  • An AIO  has all the material already there, you would just put it on, no liner needed.
  • Onesize, means the diaper is adjustable (like the picture below) rather than small, medium or large, which are based on weight. The onesize are the cheaper option, as you can adjust them to fit. 
  • A pocket diaper (like the one below) is where you stuff a liner into the pocket.
Showing how the liner goes into the diaper, you just stuff it!

Lotus Bumz diaper-like most, these are an all size diaper, with adjustable height snaps, as well as adjustable waist snaps.

What else do I need?
  • 2 or 3 wet bags, for traveling
Wet bag, will hold about 4 used diapers, just wash with diapers.

  • A diaper pail and liner bag
  • A sprayer, or as my friend Emmy does, a rubber spatula she keeps under the sink as her official "poo scraper" :)
  • You can find these items here Diaper accessories
Do I have to buy commercial cloth diapers?
  • Nope. There are many Work at Home Moms who do a fabulous job of making their own. One I recommend is: Snappy Bottoms

Okay...hopefully I answered your questions. Perhaps I even converted you to cloth. Your cute little cloth diapered baby butt will be the envy of all the playgroup dates. Plus you'll feel amazing when you start counting up all those lucky duck bucks you saved. Plus, to make this an even better deal...when you are done with diapers, they are super easy to resell, and they hold their re-sale value well. Used cloth diapers go for about $8-10 in good condition.  Sounds like a great thrifty deal! I believe raising babies is as expensive as you make it. As I said, Kitty and I get by on a dismal amount of money, and we are happy, healthy and thriving. :)

Kitty in a train print Fuzzibunz. How adorable is he?

Snapfish- Buy 1 Get 2 FREE plus 20% Cash Back! Ends Nov 26, 2011

Here is the perfect deal you've been waiting for! Snapfish is offering Buy One, get Two FREE on their photo books. Combine that with 20% cash back through Ebates and this is one sweet deal. Also, shipping is FREE! With this deal, you could get Three 8x11 Hardcover books for less than $25!

Want this deal? Here's how:
  • Start with Ebates. New members get a 10 gift card.
  • Type "snapfish" into the search bar
  • A new window will open, begin creating your gifts
  • At checkout add code NOVBOOKS for Buy 1 get 2 Free on photo books-exp. Nov. 26th
  • At checkout add code FSNOV25 for FREE shipping on orders of $25-exp. Nov.30
  • OR at checkout add code FSNOV for FREE shipping, site wide, no minimum-exp.Nov 24th
Happy creating! I have several photo books of my son and always <3love<3 them! I can't wait to get mine and give them out for gifts this Holiday season!

Cheap Date Night-2 Movietickets for just about FREE

Looking to get out with your honey? I've got the movie tickets covered for you. I know going out can be so expensive, especially if you have kids. The last time I went to a movie was...erm, well, let's just say, a while. So when I stumbled upon this deal, I thought I better share the word.

Would you like to get 2 movie tickets for $13, plus 9% cash back? Here's how!
  • Start with Ebates. Start a new account and get a gift card, or log in to your existing account.
  • Type in "Eversave" in the search bar
  • A new window will open 
  • Sign up for Eversave or log in-Once you purchase, share your deal via email, Twitter or Facebook. For each friend that buys through your link, you get $10 could possibly get your movie tickets for FREE!
You can buy this deal 3 times. Stash it away for emergencies like the kids painted the dog, or for a planned night out with a loved one. Enjoy your date night out. Go out with a friend, your mom, or your partner. I'll be at home, jealous, but happy that I was able to help you save a lucky buck.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Free Mug with $10 Snapfish Purchase, Free photo album

Snapfish has several GREAT deals going on til Nov. 21, 2011. Get a photo book for FREE, get a collage mug for FREE with $10 purchase plus 30% off Holiday Cards with FREE shipping. TO save EVEN MORE, you can get 20% cash back with Ebates.
I bet this sounds amazing to you and you'd like to know how to get this deal...well, here's how!
  • Start with Ebates, type "Snapfish" into the search bar
  • A new window will open, start making your projects
  • At checkout, add these codes to get your savings
  • FREE collage Mug with $10 purchase, use code NOVMUGS at checkout
  • FREE Shipping AND 30% off all Holiday Cards, use code CARDS30SF at checkout
Would you like to get even more for free? If you drink Coke products and use their My coke rewards, you can get a FREE 8x11 Photo Album by redeeming 285 points!

40% off at AĆ©ropostale

A new frugal deal just came through my email, and I thought I would pass the savings along to you! AEROPOSTALE is offering 40% off. Shop through ebates to get an additional 3% cash back. FREE shipping on orders of $100 or more. Stock up on clothing now for the perfect gift for yourself or another with the Holiday Season fast approaching!
*New to ebates? You'll get a 10 gift card!

Want to get this deal? Here's how:
  • Start with ebates, type "aeropostale" in the search bar
  • Start shopping! At checkout use code: AEROFRIENDS for 40% off
  • Orders over $100 ship FREE, no code needed
Enjoy your new items!

Kids Konserve Stainless Steel Water Bottle 65% off!

I love eco friendly products, but love them ever more when they are 50% off. Ecomom has Kids Konserve Stainless Steel Water Bottles on sale for TODAY ONLY for 50% off! Each bottle is only $8. Free Shipping on Orders over $50. Combine your order with a friend and save on shipping, or stock up for yourself and your little ones.

Want to save even more? Add a code that lucky duck found at checkout for 15% off your first order...In total, you'll save 65%!

Want this deal before it dries up? 

  • Go to Ecomom and look for the Daily Deal.
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Add code GROW for 15% off

Enjoy this "steal" of deal on stainless steel water bottles.

Flip Video Mino HD Camcorder 49% off! Act fast!

I have found THE gift for the upcoming Holiday season. The Flip Video Mino HD Camcorder is now on sale for 49% off, making it only $69. This is going to go fast, so you will want to get yours quickly.

The short version of a long story on this item(ie the nerdy bits of information);
  •  Lightweight, rechargeable HD camcorder stores up to 2 hours of video at 720p
  •  The Flip Video MinoHD 8GB Camcorder is 4.2 ounces and begins capturing high-definition video (720p) within three seconds of turning on. 
  • 8 gigabytes of built-in flash memory store up to 120 minutes of memorable moments. 
  • After shooting, you can review footage on the device's 2-inch anti-glare screen or transfer clips to a computer for editing, uploading, or printing out frame by frame.
Sound cool? (Or you have no idea what that all means, but you know someone who would be thrilled if you bought it for them?) Here's how to get yours:
  • Start by going to Groupon
  • Scroll til you see the deal for the Flip Video Camcorder(it's on the right hand side, under online deals)
  • You can buy 2 for yourself and 3 additional as gifts
  • Shipping is an additional $4.95
Enjoy making all those HD home movies, especially since you were thrifty and saved a lot of lucky bucks!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Why you always cut it open

I was getting the baby ready for bed tonight after a bath and I went to grab some lotion for him. It was in a squeeze tube, not a bottle. Anywho, I was squeezing for all I was worth, but couldn't get any more lotion out of the tube. I placed Kitty on the floor and to his happy joy, got to naked crawl all over while I went to find a scissors to mame my lotion tube. To my joyful surprise, I found about half the contents of the tube still available. They just weren't going to come out without intervention. I scooped Kitty off the floor, much to his dismay, to hold him down and grease him up like a little pig. This always makes Kitty nutty, but I think he secretly likes it!
My little unhelpful helper...

The tube of lotion originally had 3.0 ounces. When I cut it open, I was able to get this much lotion out of it...

I placed it in a small storage container that I had. A small baby food jar would work as well, or you can leave the lotion in the original container and shut it like this...

I remember a few years ago teaching my friend Beth this same trick. She sent me a text message once letting me know she was excitedly cutting open a tube of something to get the last bit out. May you find yourself some Friday night happily altering tubes of product to get to the last part. Enjoy this thrifty tip and cut merrily knowing you are saving a lucky buck!

84% off Women's Health Magazine-Expires 11.22.11

With New Year's Resolution's coming-which for me always includes vowing for a healthier lifestyle and weight loss-a great deal on Women's Health Magazine is here. It makes a great gift for yourself or a friend! You'll get 10 issues(a $49 dollar value) for $8. Combine that with a 10% off offer I found and 5% cash back through ebates and you will score this thrifty deal for less than $7!
 *As always, new members to ebates will get a free gift card with purchase.

Don't let this one pass you by! Here's how to get your deal:
  • Start with ebates, type "mamasource" in the search bar
  • A new window will open, click on the Women's Health Magazine Deal
  • Add to cart, Add Promo Code NOV11 for an additional 10% off
  • If you promote this deal on your facebook page, and 3 people buy through your link, you get your purchase for FREE!
How's that for thrifty? :)

Photo Books 50% off on Shutterfly-Ends 11.21.11

Another great offer for Photo Books is available through Shutterfly. 40% off books through November 21, 2011. *I have a super bonus code worth 10% off, which other bloggers aren't advertising!* With prices starting at $12.99 for a photo book, these make a great keepsake or thrifty gift for just about any occasion. I just recently got one myself for a steal of a deal. Match that up with FREE shipping for orders over $30 and with 8% cash back through ebates and the deal gets even sweeter!
*New members to ebates get a free gift card!

Sound too good to pass up? Here's how to get yours:
  •  Start with ebates, type "" in the search bar
  • A new window will open, begin creating!
  • At checkout, type in SHIP30 for FREE shipping on orders over $30
  • At checkout, type BOOK40 for 40% off your photo book
  • For my fellow lucky duck supporters, here is a code for an additional 10% off. Enter DMXR-8TZ8-3Z6Y-3U06CX. If you have any issues with the code, please let me know.
Enjoy the precious keepsake of a memory book, or watch the joy of a loved one seeing the beautiful moments all put together in a priceless book.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Deal of the day-Valid November 15th ONLY

I know I go on and on about ebates, but it really is the coolest thing since sliced bread! New members get a $10 dollar gift card to their choice of Target, Home Depot, Barnes and Noble or after a $25 dollar purchase through ebates. Today only, ebates is offering a SWEET deal on magazines through their site. You can get a 12 month subscription to many magazines for around $1 an issue. This makes a great thrifty gift for just about anyone!

One of my favourite magazines is All You. Each issues has coupons worth at least $100.
TODAY ONLY, ebates is offering 52% cash back on magazine subscriptions! For example, All You is regularly $29.00 for a 12 month subscription. It is on sale for $19.97, which is a savings of 33%. You purchase the magazine, but ebates will pay you back 52%. Shipping is FREE on the magazine subscription.

Just some of the other great magazines available: People, Sports Illustrated, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Good Housekeeping, National Geographic...and many more! You're sure to find the right one for you or your loved ones.

Want to score this great deal? Here's how:
  • Get started by going to ebates
  • Type "" into the search bar
  • A new window will open, begin shopping!
  • Find the magazine(s) you are looking for, add to cart and check out
  • Ebates will automatically credit your account 52%
Sit back, wait and enjoy your magazines. They will be even more fun to read because you saved so much money because they were on sale and because you got 52% cash back! This lucky duck has really enjoyed helping save you a buck! Til next time!

As always, let me know if you're looking for a particular type of deal and I will see if I can't help you save a buck. Please follow my blog and also look for "Lucky Duck Saves a Buck on Facebook and click 'like".

Buy One get One 50% off on Clothing, shoes and accessories at, plus $5 off!

Here's today's awesome frugal find. Target is offering $5 off, plus Buy One, Get One 50% off for all clothing, shoes and accessories. Plus get 3% cash back through ebates! Free shipping on orders of $50-which isn't hard to do at Target! :)

Here's how to score today's deal:
  • Go to ebates and type "" into the search bar
  • It will open a new window, begin shopping
  • Find your items, place in cart and add this code at checkout: TGTARJUJ
Looking for a limited time offer? Target posts a daily deal where you get an item for half off. The deal changes daily, but be sure to check it out. Remember to use ebates when buying anything to get your extra 3% cash back! *New ebates members receive a free giftcard!

For all current offers visit: Target Offers
While you're on, look for the coupon link on the upper right hand side of the page. Print what you want, and combine these with manufacturing coupons for even more savings!

Monday, November 14, 2011

40% off Holiday Cards at Nov 16th

Looking for a thrifty find on your Holiday Cards? Right now shutterfly is offering 40% off their Holiday Cards, with free shipping on orders of $30 or more. Want to save even more? Shop through ebates to get an additional 8% cash back! You also get $5 for free on ebates when you sign up!

*Photo books are on sale for 25% off
*Calendars are on sale for Buy one, get all others 50% off.
*New members get 50 prints for free!
*Make a Holiday Photo site and get 30 prints for free!

I just got my cards that I ordered a few days ago-they are super cute and they were nearly free!

Hurry, this deal ends Nov. 16th! Remember to shop through ebates for your additional 8% cash back and $5 free dollars

How to score this deal:
  • Go to ebates and type "" into the search bar.
  • Start shopping through the link provided
  • Enter the code CARD40 at checkout for 40% off Holiday cards
  • Enter the code SHIP30 for free shipping on orders over $30 at shutterfly
That's it! Enjoy the savings! Please follow my blog for more thrifty finds as this lucky duck helps save you a buck!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

$21 for $81 worth of Bumkins diapers-Ends Nov 16th

Today's deal was a sweet surprise! I got an email from Plum District announcing the deal of the day. Today's deal was $25 dollars for $50 dollars to spend on Bumkins Since I use cloth diapers for my son, I am always looking to score a great deal on diapers. They are super easy to use, and so cute!

To score today's deal:

  • I had a $10 voucher to use on Plum District that I had gotten at the check out at Target. PS. Joining through the link will give you 5 dollars for FREE to spend on their site.
  • Don't have that? No problem. Sign up for an account through DistrictIf you don't use it in 7 days, they offer a 20% discount automatically on your next purchace.
  • The advertised deal was spend $25 for $50 worth of product. After my coupon, it was only $15. If you used the 20% off option, it would have been $20.
  • FRUGAL TIP- Always look for a clearance, oops or Irregular section when buying things online. This can help save serious amounts of money! I bought 5 diapers from the Irregular section of bumkins. This saved me $30 dollars by buying the Irregular ones. This way, I can stretch my money farther. I've bought oops diapers before and have always been pleased with the product, I don't find them to be different than the full price diapers.
  • I chose the $5 shipping which brought the total I spent to $21 dollar for $81 dollars worth of diapers, paying about 25% of retail value. I can't even get a deal this fantastic if I bought them used.

Just in case you're curious, here's some reasons why I use cloth diapers...Why Cloth?
You can also visit my friends blog about cloth diapers...The Good Letdown-Why Cloth?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Over Half of Burt's Bees-Get $100 worth of product for $45!

You're going to want to hurry to this one, these go fast! Burt's Bees is having their Grab Bag Sale- where you get 5 full size products plus 9 other small items. Usually $50, on sale for $25. Free shipping on orders over $40. If that's not enough savings for you, enter the code FALL11 at checkout to save an additional $5 off your purchase.

Stock up for yourself, or save them for a fabulous thrifty Christmas or Holiday gift. I love that their products are natural and earth friendly.

Lucky Duck Saves A Buck

After much debate, I have decided to start a blog on my thrifty finds, deals and helpful hints. Being thrifty comes from a great line of frugality in my family. My grandpa is a wheel and dealer type of man, as was my dad and now it has come about that I, do not enjoy paying full price for anything. My mantra is simple; I will not pay retail price for anything. Learning to put that mantra into practice has not been easy, but it has also become a necessity. I have been in college for the last 9 years, slowly working my way to a BSN. Being poor, erm, on an extended college student budget has taught me savvy ways to make even the tightest of budgets stretch. I now have an infant son, so that budget must stretch farther. I love the thrill of a good hunt and find great satisfaction in scoring a great deal.

Recently a friend said to me, "So I have to thank you for my getting three albums from shutterfly for ridiculously cheap. As I was about to pay for them I thought "Didn't Natalie have success using multiple coupons with shutterfly and ended up getting a steal?" So after 10 minutes of googling, I got $65 off! So thank you for posting about coupons that I would never think to check for". Something as simple as that really made me happy. Today's lesson is all about patience when scheming on that next great deal. Signing up for email offers is a great way to get things for far less. In the example below I will show how combining email offers with advertised sales helps to save a lot of bucks! Saving money is a great thing, so here's to this blog, may this lucky duck help save you a buck!

Your first lucky duck saves a buck deal(with instructions)
Shutterfly 7x9 PhotoBook and 10 Christmas Cards for $15.65
  • I uploaded pictures to Shutterfly which automatically it made a book for me. I went to edit the book, putting 3-4 pictures on a page to get it from 46 to 32 pages.
  • In my email, I had a coupon for 20 free pages
  • Additionally in my email, I had a coupon for 10 free Christmas Cards
  • Shutterfly had a sale of 15% off photobooks advertised on their website plus an additional 14% off from an email offer.
  • The discounts added up to $43.03, bringing my total purchase to $15.65
  • I paid for it with my credit card(which I pay off in full each month). For each dollar I spend, I get 1 point. 100 points=1 off at deals to come in another post!
  • I also use to save an additional 8 percent on my purchase.  Please visit 
to get started with ebates. It pays you money in the form of a rebate check for things you are going to buy anyways! It's so simple!

Total value of today's deal: $56.68. I paid $15.65, approximately 72% off retail. :) More freebies, tips, deals, etc as I find them. Let me know if you are looking for a particular deal, and I will do my best to find you a way to save a lucky buck!