Thursday, December 1, 2011

$10 Target Gift Card FREE with $50 in-store purchase

Oh Target. The place you go for one thing and end up filling an entire shopping cart. I love Target especially for it's clearance items. I enjoy combining their store coupons plus manufacture coupons on clearance items and getting them for near nothing!

Right now, you can get a $10 gift card FREE with any $50 in-store purchase. All you have to do is print this coupon and hand it to the cashier at checkout. Make sure you give the cashier this coupon first, before any other coupons or discounts. :)

Let me know what you get for great deals! Here is a list of some things I got last year...

Here are the results from a Target trip...I was quiet impressed, maybe you will be too. :)
  • Baby shampoo/body wash retail $2.04. $1 target coupon, $1 manufacture coupon. Total= 0.04 cents
  • Glade Soy candle retail $5.99, on clearance for $2.98
  • Leggings $6 each, total $12
  • Maternity black dress(to wear with leggings) Retail $29.99, clearance for $7.48
  • Baked Potato Chips retail $3.79, sale $3, total $6
  • Excedrin 100 count Retail $7.29, coupon for $5.99 off, total $1.30
  • Yankee candle retail $14.99, clearance for $3.74
  • Cat treats, retail $1.79, on sale for $1.49, coupon for $1.50 off Total, FREE plus one cent earned!
  • Maalox(got to love being pregnant) retail $4.69, coupon for $5, total, FREE plus 71 cents earned!
  • I got 5 cents off for my bag, plus 97 cents for using my Target debit card.
  • Total price was 32.82 after tax, for $86.68 worth of stuff. I had $13.69 on a gift card, so total purchase cost was $19.13
  • Money saved with coupons and clearance $53.86
  • (Had I bought only things with coupons, I would have gotten $13.47 worth of stuff for 51 cents) Saving all that money allows me to buy a few items I consider luxury, like a new dress and some candles.
  • I also had a 5 cent off per gallon of gas coupon, a free loaf of bread and a free pound of bananas I used today as well, saving me an additional $2.03

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