Thursday, December 1, 2011

FREE Huggies Diapers

There is a saying a dear friend of mine repeats often as a mantra, "Every little helps". This is so true. If it wasn't for small savings, for freebies and generosity of others, a tight budget would be even tighter. So when I see freebies like this, I am always happy to pass them along. My hope is that someone else can benefit from this blog as well. Anywho, mushy business aside, right now you can get a Sample Pack of Huggies Diapers, in your choice of size 3-6. If you have signed up for this offer before, all you need to do is enter a different email address and you can get the sample!

I've gotten this offer before, you get 2 diapers I believe and some coupons. Even if you are usually a Pampers Mama or a Luvs Mama, 2 FREE Huggies Diapers are still FREE diapers. So that little bit can all add up to help you save even more. Happy savings.

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