Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FREE sample of Burt's Bees Sensitive Lotion

Want a FREE sample of Burt's Bees Lotion? Just click, fill out the form, and there you go! All these free samples can add up to saving you hundreds.

Here's an example of a list I made in March of 2011. This is why coupons, free samples, membership rewards, etc are all totally worth it.

Free items:
2 cover girl mascara (bought with Pamper Rewards) Value $12
Free movie ticket (coke rewards) Value $10
Free large pop (coke rewards) Value $5
Free crest white strip (walmart.com) Value $1
2 free hot chocolate (coupon) Value $2.60
2 free packs of gum (coupon) Value $2.08
free bottle of water (coupon) Value $1.39
2 free purex 3 in 1 sheets (mail sample) Value $1
free vitamin water (coupon) Value $1.39
Sample pouch of dog food(mail sample) Value $1
Free gallon of milk (coupon) Value $3.19
Free hot sauce (coupon) Value $1.39
Free reusable bag (coupon) Value $1.07
2 free hot chocolate (coupon) Value $2.58
free gym bag (Used check card points) Value $25
free cat treats (coupon) Value $1.39
5 free organic yogurt (coupon) Value $6.25
free travel size toothpaste (mail sample) Value $1
free south beach bar (mail sample) Value $1
two free bottles of wine (coupon) Value $12
Total of stuff for free: 92.33

35 dollars off order with coupon
10 off eyebrow wax coupon
46.45 saved on groceries with coupons
60.75 saved with coupons on dog food, plus 6 bags towards buy 10 get one bag free
7.50 off photos (coupon)
74.46 in coupons redeemed at Target
2.54 off gas (coupons)
4 dollars off car wash
90 count fiber chews 1.01 (reg 15 dollars, on clearance for 4, plus 3 dollar coupon, equals a great deal!)
Total Saved with coupons:254.70

1.01 recycling

I saved $347.03 in the month of March. :)

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