Friday, February 24, 2012

$15 dollars to spend at Plum District

Found a little gem of a deal...if you like movies, then this is for you. NEW Netflix members can get $15 to spend at Plum District. New to Plum District? No problem, you'll get $5 additional dollars when you sign up. I adore Netflix. It's gotten me through so much of nursing school...or just needing to veg out when Kitty is napping. It is super affordable and convenient. Give it a try today and earn your FREE Plum District Dollars.
Want your deal? Just click on any of the hyperlinks in this blog. Once on Plum District, look in the upper right hand corner and find the deal! Here's a math problem you might actually like

Take $15 FREE  Plum District..Add in Netflix

One Month of FREE Netflix...Equals...

ALL equaling ONE HAPPY CAMPER. Especially if you camp on the beach

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