Saturday, February 4, 2012

Comparing cloth diapers

I've had several requests to know the difference between Grape Apple and Sunbaby Diapers. They are an affordable to more pricey cloth diapers such as Fuzzibunz, Swaddlebees and Happy Heinys. I have all of them and like certain things about each. This post is specifically about the overseas Diapers, GrapeApple and Sunbaby. These diapers are between $6 and $7 each, but take about 20 days to arrive as they come from overseas.
Grape Apple Diaper-Velour

Sunbaby Diaper, silky fabric
 I like either fabric. I don't need them to be silky or minky. They are both pocket diapers. The GrapeApple diaper is much more soft inside, as the liner is thicker. It also stains easier.
Size comparison-not much difference
 The Sunbaby diaper has a bit more to the rise/tab section. Other than that, there isn't much difference in size.
Snaps on Grape Apple Diaper
 This diaper only has one row of snaps. This fits more like a Happy Heiny would.

Snaps on Sunbaby Diaper
This one has two rows of snaps, like Fuzzibunz, etc.

Other questions? Let me know. I'm happy to review/compare the diapers I have-Fuzzibunz, Happy Heiny, Swaddlebee, Lotus Bumz, Grape Apple, Sunbaby, Bumkins, Sew is your Baby.


  1. Hello. Thanks for the review. I was looking into the grape apple diapers and had a few questions.

    1) Are all the diapers a minky fabric and is it a thin minky?

    2) How long did it take to get yours?

    3) Do you think it would fit a bigger baby? My daughter is 10 months and 25lbs. I want it to fit for awhile longer.

    Could you do a comparison of them and the grape-apple and the FuzziBunz diaper?

  2. Thanks for the questions.
    1. I am not sure if they are ALL minky, you would have to read each individual diaper(if you bought them individually) or if you bought a multi pack auction from their site, I would *assume* they are all minky, but you can always email them and ask.

    2. It took about 20 days to get mine in the mail. Shipping was free, there was tracking on it.

    3. Absolutely they will fit a big baby. I have a HUGE, chunky hunk of a baby. He is 10 months and 25 pounds, in 18-24 months clothing and these fit him well.

    *Just quickly, the FuzziBunz are a slimmer(bulk wise) diaper. I don't have any OS FuzziBunz, mine are the Large size. I think if you're going for affordability, Grape Apple is more for you. If you want to try to resell them when you're done, go for a brand name, like Fuzzibunz.