Sunday, November 13, 2011

$21 for $81 worth of Bumkins diapers-Ends Nov 16th

Today's deal was a sweet surprise! I got an email from Plum District announcing the deal of the day. Today's deal was $25 dollars for $50 dollars to spend on Bumkins Since I use cloth diapers for my son, I am always looking to score a great deal on diapers. They are super easy to use, and so cute!

To score today's deal:

  • I had a $10 voucher to use on Plum District that I had gotten at the check out at Target. PS. Joining through the link will give you 5 dollars for FREE to spend on their site.
  • Don't have that? No problem. Sign up for an account through DistrictIf you don't use it in 7 days, they offer a 20% discount automatically on your next purchace.
  • The advertised deal was spend $25 for $50 worth of product. After my coupon, it was only $15. If you used the 20% off option, it would have been $20.
  • FRUGAL TIP- Always look for a clearance, oops or Irregular section when buying things online. This can help save serious amounts of money! I bought 5 diapers from the Irregular section of bumkins. This saved me $30 dollars by buying the Irregular ones. This way, I can stretch my money farther. I've bought oops diapers before and have always been pleased with the product, I don't find them to be different than the full price diapers.
  • I chose the $5 shipping which brought the total I spent to $21 dollar for $81 dollars worth of diapers, paying about 25% of retail value. I can't even get a deal this fantastic if I bought them used.

Just in case you're curious, here's some reasons why I use cloth diapers...Why Cloth?
You can also visit my friends blog about cloth diapers...The Good Letdown-Why Cloth?

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